Achieve long-lasting success with inclusive technology that is accessible, easy to use, and welcoming to all visitors. 
Inclusive Technology that is accessible for all. Five separate images with individuals with and without disabilities.

At LinoraTech, we believe that everyone deserves access to technology. 

But we also know that not everyone experiences technology in the same way. We're passionate about helping businesses and organizations make their tech more inclusive by making it accessible to all—regardless of ability or disability.

We specialize in accessibility audits, design accessibility, and accessibility training to help our clients bring their products into compliance so they can offer them to the largest possible audience without compromising on quality or performance.


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We know you're thinking: "Why should I care about digital accessibility?" 

Here's why:
  • There are over 50 million Americans who have some disability impacting how they interact with technology (and 10% of those people are between the ages of 18-29).
  • 6.2 million Canadians identify as having a disability. They have an estimated buying power of $75 billion, making them the third-largest market segment in North America.
  • ​According to a 2018 Accenture report in the US, companies catered to people with disabilities outperform their competitors. These companies' revenues are 28% higher, net incomes are 200%!
At LinoraTech, we believe everyone deserves access to the same information and technology, which is why it's our mission to make your tech inclusive with digital accessibility.

Digital accessibility can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be!

We can support you with:
  • Comprehensive analysis: Understand your tech gaps and how to fix them
  • Design and development: Done For You website and funnel design that is accessible
  • ​Innovation: Look beyond limitations for solutions and creations that can give you a competitive edge.
With our commitment to customer service, you will feel supported every step of the way.
Flora Bazie, owner of LinoraTech and accessibility expert. Flora is wearing a black jumpsuit and smiling at camera.

Meet Our Founder- Flora Bazie

I started LinoraTech because I saw a problem. Too many people were being left out of the digital revolution due to disability, language barriers, and other factors.

Now, it’s my mission to help businesses and organizations meet accessibility standards by offering digital accessibility audits and accessibility design services to ensure all their technology is inclusive and welcom ing to all.

With my comprehensive accessibility training programs, you can be confident that your business is compliant with the latest standards and best practices.

Inclusive technology expert, Flora Bazie is the owner of LinoraTech Inclusion. She's standing wearing a block jumpsuit and smiles at the camera.

Digital accessibility can help you reach a larger audience! 

We help clients in both Canada, and the United States get their tech up to par.
US: 26% of the population are disabled.
Canda: 22% of the population are disabled.

These are staggering numbers when you consider consumer intent. By neglecting your technology's accessibility, you lose out on a huge market.

And it’s not just about appealing to this population. When you make your tech accessible, you show your audience you value inclusivity!

Ready to discuss your tech? 

Hear From Others...

LinoraTech Client - Headshot of women

Nidhi Malhotra
Verizon Wireless (US)

I know Flora Bazie since 2015 when she joined my team as an Accessibility expert. Flora possesses advanced knowledge in the field of digital accessibility and is able to work fluidly with a number of accessibility tools with ease.

She works well under tight deadlines without making any compromises with the quality of work she delivers. Her passion and expertise for Digital Accessibility is evident when she is coaching design and development teams to apply accessible digital solutions.

I know Flora to be a dependable team player and a leader as the situation may require.
Brigitta Beaulne-syp, Manager Museum of History (CA) headshot, LinoraTech Inclusion Client.

Brigitte Beaulne-syp
Museum of History (CA)

As Project Manager for the Virtual Museum of Canada, I worked closely with Flora when she was the QA analyst for projects the VMC invests in.

I was incredibly impressed by her knowledge of accessibility and inclusive design, her problem-solving capacities, her willingness to go the extra mile and her genuine interest in building positive relationships.

Flora is a natural teacher and has a firm yet very generous approach when explaining accessibility to project teams.
Colin Chen, Headshot.

Colin Chen
Museum of History (CA)

Flora is an expert on web accessibility and a reliable and passionate professional.

She is adaptable and a great addition to any team. She is patient and able to work with stakeholders and clients in both English and French and meets deadlines and generates thorough QA reports.

She is also able to handle multiple projects and performs duties as a QA analyst and consultant diligently and professionally.
Neli Handler, web accessibility client.

Neli Handler
City of Ottawa (CA)

Flora and I worked in Quality Assurance for the City of Ottawa. In testing web applications, Flora was my "go to" person when it comes to all matters accessibility.

Not only is Flora an expert in this field, but she has an amazing ability to explain accessibility in terms that her audience can understand.

She reminds us to be empathetic and always include users with disabilities. Flora strives to enhance every application she touches.
Her passion for accessibility is contagious and I am so grateful for her mentorship. Thank you Flora!

Patricia Portas, Headshot.

Patricia Portas
City of Ottawa (CA)

Did you think making your website accessible was a nightmare?

As a developer, I did too!! A lot of conflicting information out there.
Until I worked with Flora.

She not only identified the issue but offered explanations and solutions.
She's the whole package and truly extraordinary to work with.
Disney Romero, Developer, headshot and client of LinoraTech Inclusion.

Disney Romero
City of Ottawa (CA)

I have been fortunate that Flora reviewed some of the applications I developed for the company.

Her recommendations have marked an important point in the improvement of the final product.

Flora tells you what can be improved, but in each case, she offers you different solutions and this greatly speeds up the implementation of changes in the final production environment.
Nicole Poirier smiling.

Nicole Poirier
Quality Assurance
City of Ottawa (CA)

I’ve worked with Flora for many years now.

Her professionalism, trustworthiness, integrity, work ethic, and her continued thirst for knowledge are admirable.

With her vast experience in the accessibility field, coupled with great relationship building and people skills, sharp business and social etiquette, her expertise will definitely provide you with an incredible amount of resources.

If you are looking for an accessibility solution, look no further – Flora is it! This bilingual professional comes highly recommended!
Eric Hand, older man wearing glasses, smiling.

Eric Hind
A11Y Quality Assurance
City of Ottawa (CA)

I'm Eric Hind, a 25 year + veteran of the software industry with many years of experience in QA, accessibility, usability, and project management.

I've known Flora Bazie for a few years and have worked with her directly for a similar amount of time. I can tell anyone that Flora is extraordinarily hard-working and knowledgeable. In my time working with her, our different perspectives on accessibility have enriched both of our pools of knowledge.

I think that Flora's tenacity and willingness to teach are her best qualities; when working with such a wide variety of skill sets around accessibility, Flora is able to work with any stakeholder to show them, teach them, or debate with them about the issues she finds as needed.

I've seen Flora single-handedly influence and change minds around how willing and enthusiastic developers are to work with her and work on accessibility issues.

I would highly recommend Flora around any task or project related to accessibility; she is very conscious of the fact that the knowledge base is very dynamic and that new and better techniques of doing things are replacing old ways quickly, and she can embrace those new things and make them her own.

Imranali Khaja, older man, black hair, smiling.

Imranali Khaja
A11Y Quality Assurance
Visa Inc (US)

It was my pleasure working with Flora Bazie at Verizon Wireless.
Her insights and skills with Accessibility (A11y) are invaluable and something the team and I’ve benefited from many times while closely working with her.

Flora was a tremendous team member who worked on multiple projects within Verizon Wireless testing web and mobile applications, training designers and developers and authoring a11y requirements within the organization.

She was a joy to work with because of her positive and can-do attitude, and her team-building skills were always valued within the team.

Flora's integrity is admirable as is her desire to do things inclusive and right. She is a great team member, a natural leader, and a humble friend. I wish every success in her future endeavors.
Her recommendations have marked an important point in the improvement of the final product.

Flora tells you what can be improved, but in each case, she offers you different solutions and this greatly speeds up the implementation of changes in the final production environment.
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